A tailor-made platform for strata managers

Discover why Intellistrata is the most comprehensive software for strata management.

Comprehensive Strata Financial Management

Our bottom up approach by listening to our clients helped us build one of the most comprehensive accounting modules for the strata industry.

Create and manage budgets effectively with our comprehensive tools. With forecasting capabilities, ensure your strata community is financially prepared for the future.

Easily set, collect, and manage levies to fund common expenses. Our platform ensures timely collection and clear tracking of payments.
Effectively manage overdue payments with our multi-stage debt recovery management system. This feature allows you to handle debt recovery processes in a structured and efficient manner.
Our platform allows for the creation and management of unlimited funds and cost centres, supporting comprehensive group reporting. This ensures detailed financial insights for complex strata communities.
Stay informed with real-time financial reporting. View the current financial status at a glance and make data-driven decisions.

Keep track of all your expenses with ease. Whether they are recurring expenses or unexpected costs, our system helps you manage them effectively.

Our ledger system provides a clear record of all financial transactions, helping you maintain transparency and accountability.
Create, send, and manage invoices and receipts with ease. Our platform ensures that all financial documents are organized and accessible.

Streamline your invoice management with our AI-assisted invoice digitization feature. Improve efficiency by automatically converting and categorizing invoice data.

Monitor and manage your invoices efficiently with our real-time dashboard that includes key performance indicators. This comprehensive view of your invoice status enables faster, more informed decision-making.

Save time and effort with our automated reconciliation feature. It simplifies the process of matching your records with bank statements.

Integrate your banking directly with our platform for seamless financial management. We currently support Macquarie, NAB, and Westpac.

Our platform handles complex submetering scenarios with ease, including an Excel import function for efficient data management. This ensures precise and convenient utility billing.

Manage payments to suppliers efficiently. Track pending payments, schedule them, and ensure that all suppliers are paid on time.

Strata task & workflow management

Discover how Intellistrata efficiently handles the demanding tasks of a strata manager, ensuring seamless tracking and management of all your responsibilities.

With multiple avenues for submitting maintenance requests, from our resident portal and mobile app to manual entry by teams and based on strata meetings or inspections, we accommodate the diverse needs of your strata community.

Every maintenance request generates a unique ticket, ensuring organization and trackability.

Our real-time dashboard displays the status of all open maintenance requests and key metrics, enabling effortless oversight and data-driven decisions.

Organize quotations from any number of suppliers, send work orders directly, and communicate via SMS regarding the work. Streamline your process and keep everything in one place.

Seamlessly seek and secure committee approvals for quotations right within the platform, speeding up the decision-making process.

Never lose track of crucial emails again. With task tags, you can easily categorize and find relevant email communication.
We understand the need for comprehensive documentation. That’s why we support unlimited attachments, so all necessary files are conveniently available.
Prioritize urgent issues and assign requests to specific maintenance personnel or contractors efficiently.

With real-time status updates, everyone stays informed about the progress and resolution of requests.

For those who love diving deep into data, our platform supports downloadable Excel reports. Use this feature to further analyze and optimize your maintenance management.

Powerful Communication & Collaboration Tools

With an array of communication options built right in, you can stay in touch and keep everyone on the same page.
With our versatile communication options including the owner's portal, mobile app, email, or SMS broadcasting, we ensure everyone stays informed.

Our integrated SMS Manager enables fast, reliable text messaging, making sure important updates and notifications reach residents promptly.

We understand that every lot owner and contact may have different communication preferences. Our platform accommodates these nuances, ensuring each individual receives information in the way they prefer.

Say goodbye to manual mailing. With our integration with Bing Mail House, enjoy automated mailing services that save time and effort.

We support various types of postal communication methods including colour printing, priority post, and registered post with tracking. Choose the method that best suits your needs.

Our integrated chat feature enables real-time interaction with suppliers, lot owners or committee members, making communication quick and easy.

Efficient Meeting Management for 
Peace of Mind

Streamline the entire process, from planning to execution, ensuring that meetings run smoothly and effectively.

Our intuitive scheduling tools make planning strata meetings effortless. Schedule meetings well in advance and ensure optimal attendance.

Our real-time dashboard offers at-a-glance insight into the status of meetings. With key performance indicators, managers are always in the loop and will never miss a meeting.

Create, share, and manage meeting agendas directly within our platform for clear and effective meeting objectives.
Document meeting minutes in real time for comprehensive record-keeping. Easily accessible for all attendees, these records ensure that no detail is missed.
Assign and track action items from meetings, fostering accountability and ensuring tasks are completed promptly.

Our system streamlines vote management, ensuring fairness and accuracy in all collective decisions.

Easily share meeting documents, such as minutes, reports, or other relevant material. Everyone has access to the necessary information, ensuring smooth meeting progression.

A versatile Voting System

Facilitate democratic decision-making in your strata community with Intellistrata.
Easily distribute voting links to members via SMS and email, ensuring everyone gets the opportunity to participate.
Vote on-the-go without the need for any additional apps. Our platform is mobile-friendly and accessible from any device.
Unable to attend a meeting or vote? Our system supports proxy votes, allowing others to vote on your behalf.
Our platform considers the financial status of the voter, ensuring only eligible members participate in the voting process.

Our system supports voting by entitlements, allowing votes to be weighted according to predetermined entitlements.

Our voting module supports multiple responses, helping facilitate the election of committee members effectively and fairly.
Our platform supports casual voting for maximum flexibility. Whether it's to choose a date for the next committee meeting, gain majority approval for a special levy, or navigate a complex situation like passing a special resolution to lease out a common property, our casual voting feature accommodates it all.

Happy Residents.
Happy Managers.

Advanced Community Portal

Foster connections and enhance collaboration in your strata community with Intellistrata's Community Portal. Providing an unprecedented level of transparency, our platform aims to build trust among community members like never before.

Service Request Management

Allow community members to raise service requests directly 

Real-Time Financials

Access real-time financial reports such as income, expense, and balance sheets, and view the current budget

Information Sharing

Keep your community informed with a centralized location for sharing updates, news, meeting minutes, and other important information.

View task status

Keep everyone informed about ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Document Repository

Store and manage important community documents in one secure, easily accessible location.

Committee Member Approvals

Approve quotations and invoices, streamlining financial and operational decision-making processes within the portal

Embrace Total Customisation 

We are probably the only strata platform with an in-house software team that will customise the system to your exact specifications.


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