A whole team at your disposal for a fraction of the cost

In addition to software solutions, we provide complete back office services. We take care of all the tedious administrative stuff so you don't have to, so you can focus on what you do best.


An Unrivaled Back Office Service

Discover how you can benefit from this one of a kind service. 


  • Pay a fraction of the cost of a full time Australian employee.
  • No add on HR costs such as superannuation
  • Save on computer equipment, support, software licenses and office space costs

Save Time

  • You can focus on growth while we take care of all administrative overhead
  • Save the time spent on HR issues, recruitment and training
  • All teams including intellistrata backoffice will operate on the same platform for complete transparency & accountability


  • Dedicated Australian accounts manager
  • Accountants specialised in Australian Strata accounting operations

Extended Availability

  • Operating in different time zones, our team provide support beyond regular business hours, ensuring that critical tasks are addressed promptly and efficiently. 

A dedicated team

Our dedicated back office team has 10+ years working with Australian based strata companies.

How we help

Listed are some of the services our team offers. 
  • End of financial year rollover  

  • Update new committee details in the system 

  • Update new budgets (admin / Sinking, etc.) 

  • Update management fees 

  • Strike OC fees (Adjust balance OC Fees according to the budget) and catch up levy  Update any special levy to be stricken  

  • POST AGM pack for print and post  

  • Check financial balances lockdown financial period after quorum is reached  

  • Go through minutes and create required tasks with due dates

  • Preparation of reports required to file BAS 
  • Preparation of reports required for income tax purpose 
  • Preparation of report required for auditors

  • Processing Levy notices according to instructions given in meeting minutes  
  • Communicate with Managers when there are any anomalies or catch up levy situations  
  • Print and post Admin, Admin (sinking) fund and overdue levy notices 
  • Process Stage 1 (reminders), Stage 2 (final notice) & Stage 3 (send to Solicitor) debt recovery process  

  • Organize debt recovery charges process  

  • Manage any debt recovery exemptions 

  • Provide CSV feed of debt recovery charges to managing company for accounting  purposes 

  • Provide details to solicitor (Debt recovery history, Final notices, Budgets, Entitlement reports etc.) 

  • Digitize invoices – Convert all invoices in to digital records on the platform 
  • Digitizing the documents exemption management  
  • Exemption handling 
    • Supplier not found 
    • Property not found 
    • Non-invoice type documents (i.e. Quotations, Statements) 
    • Duplicate check 
  • Verification of Invoice 
  • Advanced duplicate check 
    • Part payment management 
    • Verify supplier Bpay Reference, ABN, Bank details, Remittance emails etc. 
    • Check Opening balance/brought forward issues
  • Entering and setting up properties in the financial system 
    • Setup Property 
    • Setup owners contact details  
    • Add new suppliers  
    • Setup owners Ledger  
    • Setup bank account details 
    • Reconcile opening bank balance 
    • Add insurance details 
    • Reconcile opening accounts payable balances & enter into system  
    • Reconciling bank balances and opening balances  
  • Brand New Property create new Bank accounts in the system 
  • Archiving documents from previous management (Digital Archiving only). Scanning and categorising are not included. 
  • Create document folders for new properties
  • Record any new owners master data in the system  
  • Prepare welcome letters 
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